Early in the morning

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If you love the early hours of the morning, do not miss the pastel colors of the sky and the sea, which can be enjoyed with just a walk on the beach in front of house (white and warm sand), which runs from the port to the Maria Pia pinewood until Bombarde beach.

The bike path runs from the tower Garibaldi and moves away to the beaches. It offers a nice alternative to a bicycle, which you can easily rent close to home.

If you arrive in the historic center, you will see the city slowly wake up with all of its assets to draw your attention to a thousand curios things. Take a good look at small groups of people you meet in the port area or in the Spanish style alleys, and listen to the Catalan dialect that is still spoken in Alghero.
A breakfast in one of the small bars of the old wall or the streets and squares of the old town will be a wonderful start to your day.

If you enjoy cooking and want to experiment with a few recipes, there is nothing better than a trip to the fish market, or to the fruit and vegetable markets where you will discover delightful local products for special zero kilometer meals.

...during the day

You cannot resist to spending part or all of the day at the beach.

From Lido San Giovanni right in front of our apartments, and the beach of Maria Pia, just a few minutes, a long stretch of beach of fine white sand that appears behind a pine forest on sand dunes, you will find what you seek, a stretch of free beach where you lay your towel or small bathing area with all the usual facilities.

If you have the desire and the ability to leave your footprints, it will be fun to visit different shores every day and to enjoy the particularity that each of them will offer to you.

As you move away from the city towards the north, after a few kilometers you will find the famous beaches of Bombarde and Lazzaretto the delightful coves. We only suggest not to arrive too late, especially in high season.

Continue towards the Mugoni bay, a favorite of ours, where you can spend the whole day swimming in its crystal clear waters, trying a barbecue on the beach on the premises, pedal-boating or simply reading a book while sunbathing under the umbrella.

If we change direction and head south, after a few bends and some truly breathtaking scenery, we find the beach of Speranza, with grittier, thicker sand, where you can choose to stop until the hours of sunset and conclude with a dinner of fresh fish in the restaurant right on the shore.

For lovers of diving and surfing, courses are available at the main beaches. You can book a horseback riding session at the stables in the area. You can also enjoy shopping at any hour, from morning until late evening: wandering through the streets and alleys of the old town you will find many small craft shops displaying a selection of products from Alghero and Sardinia, from the more traditional the more modern.

It will be almost impossible to go home without any good memories …
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...Sunset time

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It is the time at which the sun spot of red, purple and orange sky. You will feel the protagonists of this wonderful show differently every day.

It is the time where time stands still … turn around towards the sea, at that time, from the wall or from the waterfront up to Capocaccia, wait until the sun goes down slowly on the horizon.

Treat yourself to an aperitif immersed in this magical atmosphere, and think about how to proceed, perhaps choosing one of the many typical restaurants on the wall or in the center.

Then a walk around the city, the port, Civic Square, along the Wall, through the alleys Spanish to enjoy the nightlife of Alghero.