In and around the city


Capo Caccia

After having observed from every perspective this promontory whose profile is reminiscent of a sleeping giant, it’s worth going to the top, a few minutes from the city, passing Fertilia and following the direction of Capo Caccia. The route to Capo Caccia is scenic, ideal at sunset, and has a very charming atmosphere. Stay a few minutes to admire the view, then continue to the top and consider going down ramp to the stairs that lead to the Caves of Neptune.
nuraghe palmavera

Nuraghe Palmavera

from Alghero Fertilia pass and follow the signs to Porto Conte, the archaeological area and sign posted on the right, open every day.

It is a real Nuragic complex, unearthed in 1961, that has gone through several phases since the fifteenth century BC.
stintino e asinara

Stintino and Asinara

The sea of Stintino is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole island, with its white sand and its waters covering a thousand shades of turquoise-blue. From here you may leave for an excursion to the National Park of Asinara, which includes a visit to the prison system and several of the most characteristic and panoramic views. On the island you can choose from various ways to enjoy the trails. How to get to Stintino from Alghero: follow the signs for Porto Torres and then for Stintino. It takes about 45 minutes by car.


This picturesque town on the sea was born as a defensive stronghold. The ancient village still preserves its medieval structure, with typical ramparts, narrow streets and stairways. Here you can see some of the Sardinian handicraft traditions, particularly that of world-famous Sardinian baskets, so do not be surprised to see the streets full of the village women who weave colorful baskets of various shapes and sizes. How to get there: by car, follow the first sign for Sassari, then Sorso and finally Castelsardo.
The caves of Neptune

The caves of Neptune

They may be reached by land or by sea. Overland down there is a long staircase of 656 steps which runs from Capo Caccia.

The boats leave from the harbor every hour. In these 4 km karstic caves you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites formed over the centuries.

Enjoy this excursion.
degustazioni cantine alghero


The cellars of the wine production represent a crucial part of the whole island. It is captivating to visit the historic 1903 cellar, the museum and the entire estate that is part of a charming landscape. You may also book a tour and tasting, and purchase all labels of wine directly. How to get there: about 8 km from Alghero, along the provincial road 42, follow the directions for Porto Torres, after passing the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju you will see signs on the right.


About an hour’s drive along the coast towards the south, along a beautiful panoramic view, is this pretty riverside town developed on the right bank of the river Temo and presumably founded in the ninth century BC. One may enjoy walking in the old town with its narrow streets, arcades and squares to discover.

costa smeralda sardegna

Costa Smeralda

The northeastern coast of Sardinia, and the opposite coast of Alghero. Here too, a clear blue sea and unspoiled landscapes have encouraged the development of tourism, which began around 60 years ago thanks to the great project of Prince Karim Aga Khan. The Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo centers are the most representative of the area. There tourists often happen to meet celebrities on vacation.